Powerful new player in  biopharmaceuticals


Alvotech's headquarters are in Reykjavik, Iceland. The company is privately-owned, focused on developing and manufacturing biosimilar pharmaceutical products. In 2016, the new biologics cGMP development and manufacturing center will offer cell line development, process and analytical development, clinical and commercial manufacturing, as well as fill and finish operations, operated under the highest worldwide quality and regulatory standards. 

State of the art manufacturing facilities, freedom to operate for early launches, contract manufacturing capabilities for biologics, in house clinical capabilities, and proven track record of global regulatory excellence are just a few  of the many reasons why Alvotech is the partner of excellence for biosimilar initiatives.  

Targeting fast growth in biopharmaceuticals


Alvotech is targeting fast growth in the global biologics market. Through the Alvotech – Alvogen alliance, Alvotech gets access to Alvogen sales network in over 30 countries around the world and will bring its first products to market in 2018-2019. The current biosimilar assets include follow-on versions of leading monoclonal antibodies molecules. 

Alvotech has already broken ground and laid the foundation for a 11,800 sqm new state of the art, fully vertically integrated biologics manufacturing plant, located on the campus of the University of Iceland in Reykjavik.  Current biosimilar assets include follow-on versions of leading monoclonal antibodies molecules. 

Management with a proven track record 

Dr. Andreas Herrman leads the Alvotech management team and brings 25 years of industry experience. Dr. Herrman joined Alvotech after serving as the CEO of Baliopharm AG and Celonic in Switzerland.

In 1994, he received his PhD in biochemistry in the field of neurobiology and then went on to work as an associate professor in the department of cardiovascular physiology at the University of Cologne. In 1996, he was the co-founder of four biotechnology companies, which he led as CEO. 

“At Alvotech, we are inspired to help patients around the world by increasing the accessibility and affordability of high quality biopharmaceuticals. By combining Alvotech’s development with the manufacturing excellence of Alvogen’s global marketing platform, we are taking a significant step toward becoming a major player in the biopharmaceutical industry and bringing valuable investment to support our growth vision.“

Andreas Herrmann, CEO of Alvotech

Biosimilar are the future 

Biologic molecules are the future of the pharmaceutical industry due to type of diseases it treats and the precision of its targets.  The global pharmaceutical pipeline is more and more aiming towards biologic molecules. The high costs of treatments of Biologic pharmaceuticals are limiting access to proper medication for many patients in needs all around the world.  Biologic innovator molecules costs make extreme pressure on reimbursement systems. Biosimilar pharmaceutical products are the solution.

Biosmilar, follow-on biologics or generic biologics are terms used to describe therapeutic products that are highly similar to innovator biopharmaceutical products.

Reference and comparison to the innovator product is an integral component of the development and approval process of a biosimilar pharmaceutical products, ensuring its safety and efficacy. 

By the year 2020, over $100 billion of biologic pharmaceutical products are expected to lose patent protection and many large monoclonal antibody therapies are coming off patent globally after 2018. Many of these products are among the highest selling drugs in the world today.


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