Diversity & inclusion

We respect and value all diversity of human identity and expression.

Diversity and inclusion at Alvotech are hardwired into our workplace culture. From recruiting and hiring to talent management processes, we see direct benefit when our workforce is not only representative of the marketplace we serve, but also fully engaged so that we can benefit from each employee’s diverse views and ideas.

Members of the Alvotech family speak over 20 different languages. But even though we may come from different countries and cultural backgrounds, we all form one team. We are on the same journey to build something new and exciting. We share a common goal: to make life better for people around the world with the products we make and the services we provide. We take pride in what we do and the people we serve.

We know that caring for people across the globe and working to make a difference in people’s lives starts with understanding and including everyone in our quest to discover life-enhancing solutions.