World Class Team

Alvotech brings together a group of senior pharmaceutical executives with broad backgrounds and extensive experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. The leadership team is led by Mark Levick, CEO, and is supported by a Board of Directors composed of experts in their fields. 

Portrait of Mark Levick

Mark Levick

CEO of Alvotech

Mark is the CEO of Alvotech. He brings to Alvotech, 18 years of biopharmaceutical leadership. Mark holds a PhD in vaccine development from Cambridge University, and is a fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine.

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Portrait of Fausto Berti

Fausto Berti

SVP Late Stage Development

Fausto brings Alvotech 15 years of experience in Clinical Research. He has been involved in clinical development of biosimilars since 2009, working on different successful programs

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Portrait of Timo Liebig

Timo Liebig

SVP Early Stage Development

Timo has many years of exclusive experience in biosimilars, first in a contract manufacturing setting and thereafter at Alvotech.

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Portrait of Jayanth Sridhar

Jayanth Sridhar


Prior to joining Alvotech, Jayanth had close to 20 years of experience in biopharmaceutical large-scale manufacturing.

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Portrait of Sesselja Omarsdottir

Sesselja Omarsdottir

SVP Analytics

Sesselja joined Alvotech in 2015 as a Head of Analytical Method Development and was responsible for method identification, development and implementation.

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Portrait of Kevin M. Bain

Kevin M. Bain


Kevin Bain is Chief Financial Officer for Alvotech. He is a Certified Management Accountant and has more than 30 years of financial operations and general management experience

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Portrait of Robert Wessman

Robert Wessman

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Robert Wessman is the founder of Alvotech and Chairman of the Board.

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