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Drug Product Process Development scientist (Iceland)

Posted on 6.12.2018

The Job:

    • Development and characterization of a drug product manufacturing process with the aim of successfully converting bulk drug substance into the finished dosage form.
    • This includes development of formulation-, freeze/thaw-, mixing-, filtration- and filling processes, and assessment of the impact of the processes on product quailty/stability.
    • Development and qualification of scale-down models for process development based on engineering principles.
    • Transfer/scale-up of a laboratory developed processes with small-scale models to full-scale manufacturing
    • Assessment of extractable/leachable chemicals from equipment and single-use systems used in the manufacturing process.


  • Degree in biochemistry, biotechnology, chemical engineering or related field. Knowledge of biochemistry, experimental design, process development and experience of working in a laboratory highly preferable.



  • Opportunity to work with a team of highly dedicated scientists to create high quality manufacturing processes.
  • Flexible working environment where innovative and creative solutions are encouraged.

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