Message from Mark Levick, Chief Executive Officer

A primary reason I joined Alvotech is the company’s dedication and drive to create a healthier world through affordable biologic medicines. By enabling more prevalent use of biosimilars, we are not only increasing access to patients, but also allowing global healthcare systems to allocate more resources to the creation of novel treatments and technologies.

Our team of dedicated scientists and experts work together with a passion that unites us every day and empowers us to do good. We also understand that as an organization with global presence we need to strive to understand the implications of our choices and actions. This is why Alvotech’s leadership team is committed to sustainability across all its dimensions.

We understand that sustainability is not simply about data or stories but requires a continuous effort to identify and mitigate risks. As we mature as a company, our sustainability framework will continue to evolve, and we intend to provide transparency to our stakeholders along the way. I am proud of our commitment and will direct my efforts to ensure that Alvotech takes the ESG framework into account across the many facets of our business. By doing so, we will become a stronger business and more positive contributor to society.

Mark Levick