Kick-off meeting in Costa Rica

Posted on 15.2.2018

This January the location for Alvotech’s annual kick-off was Costa Rica which, with its beautiful surroundings and forward-looking environment policies, provided the ideal setting for a group of the company’s executives to connect and lay down strategies for the year ahead.

2018 will be an exciting year for Alvotech,” Rasmus Rojkjaer pointed out in his keynote speech at the event. “Alvotech is the only biogeneric companies which are covering every part of the product creation process, from cell-line development to launch. This means that we have full control over both  development and supply chain, and that the strong teams we have build are able to ensure high quality, flexibility and cost competitiveness throughout this value chain. 

In a few weeks Alvotech will have a townhall meeting to communicate 2018 focus areas and priorities to all employees. 




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