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We were founded in Iceland, one of the Nordic countries, where gender equality and fairness are considered a bedrock of society. As we build a multiethnic and diverse workplace, extending to many parts of the globe, we strive to export these core values and apply them across the whole organization.  Equality, diversity, and inclusion are foundational to the positive environment we are trying to foster, so that not only are we better for it, but our business is also stronger and more resilient. 

Safety and health

Safety and health are a critical component of Alvotech’s corporate responsibility framework. We employ more than 800 people worldwide, which have a fundamental right to a healthy and safe working environment.  

We emphasize health and safety, by monitoring risks and incidents and communicating these findings monthly to all employees, to focus attention on accident prevention and ensuring a mentality of continuous workplace improvement. One of the key components of this strategy is incident reporting, which is actively encouraged. We have also done a careful risk evaluation for each job category and constantly update action plans to reduce safety risks and enforce preventive measures.  

Alvotech’s employees are supplied with a range of health-related plans, such as subsidized access to fitness centers, grants for use of public transportation or alternative means of transport and free on-site canteen with a range of healthy food choices.    

Monthly Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) reports are available to all employees and used to communicate findings with regards to environmental, health and safety. The internal EHS committee discusses these findings at regular meetings and the purpose of constant monitoring and dissemination across the company is to ensure continuous improvements.  

Equal Pay Certification

We are committed to equality and fairness in every facet of Alvotech. Iceland, where Alvotech’s main manufacturing hub and headquarters is located, ranks #1 in gender equality according to the World Economic Forums Global Gender Gap Index for 2021. Alvotech is proud to be a leader in the move toward equality in the workplace, and a contributor to Iceland’s status as the world leader in that effort. 

As a global organization, we are also committed to achieving wage equality throughout our organization. As demonstration of our journey, the company was recently granted an Equal Pay Certification from Iceland’s Directorate of Equality. This means that women and men shall be paid equal wages and enjoy equal terms of employment for the same jobs or jobs of equal value. The Certification is a confirmation from a third-party accredited auditor that we meet this tight standard of equal pay. It also includes having clearly defined equal pay, compensation, and equality policies. We have voluntarily extended the same policies to all employees across our organization, regardless of whether they are located in Iceland or elsewhere.   

The company has therefore established an equality policy to ensure equal conditions and opportunities for employees irrespective of gender, age, religion, nationality, race, disability, sexual orientation, or political view and prevent discrimination or harassment based on these or other irrelevant factors. The equality policy states that each year an Equality Report shall be prepared and made available for the previous calendar year.