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Bringing biosimilars to market

At Alvotech, we specialize in making biosimilars - to improve lives by expanding access to affordable biologics. We believe that a vertically integrated approach, from R&D through fill and finish manufacturing, gives us the focus, scale and speed needed to achieve our mission. We also know that each market is unique, so we developed strategic partnerships around the world to enable broad access. In this way, we can maintain our singular focus on what we do best while relying on the deep expertise of our commercial partners.

Integrated approach


We are developing a strategic pipeline of monoclonal antibodies that target a variety of therapeutic areas including immunology, oncology and ophthalmology. We continue to evaluate areas of opportunity or unmet need to broaden the availability and accessibility of these important biologic medicines to patients in need.

Our development sites in Europe and Iceland provide development and clinical services to support the successful advancement of our pipeline.


We use single-use technology at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Reykjavik, Iceland and are proud that we are able to mitigate the environmental impact of our work by leveraging the nearly 100% renewable energy produced locally. Beyond the benefit of single-use technology to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination during the fermentation process, there is also evidence that the life-cycle environmental impact of this technology is much lower than for stainless steel across a range of impact categories. 

We are committed to biosimilars and are in the process of doubling our drug product capacity to meet the future needs of our pipeline, ensuring our facilities meet the cGMP standards of the FDA and EMA.