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Corporate Sustainability

ESG Portal

Alvotech is committed to the promise of biosimilars, which we believe can directly expand patient access to medicines globally and contribute to the overall sustainability of healthcare systems by providing lower cost alternatives to high-priced biologic medicines. This mission driven focus provides a strong basis for our corporate sustainability initiatives. We are committed to implementing a strong Environmental, Social, and Governance framework at Alvotech.

We aim to bring our portfolio and pipeline of biosimilars and biosimilar candidates to the global marketplace through our commercial partners around the world. Alvotech is in the process of transitioning from an R&D-only company into an integrated commercial stage enterprise. As we scale our production and commercialize globally, it is important that our ESG framework evolves accordingly. A strong ESG framework can help mitigate risks and identify opportunities and strengthen the relationship we have with our stakeholders.

Commitment to Corporate Sustainability

Alvotech is committed to contributing positively to society, as a well-governed business, in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Róbert Wessman

Executive Chairman and Founder