Strategic Roadmap

A message from Róbert Wessman, Founder and Executive Chairman

Alvotech specializes in making biosimilars - to improve lives by expanding access to affordable biologic medicines. In an ever-expanding and increasingly complex world, our focus on biosimilar research, development, and manufacturing can directly contribute to increased patient well-being and the sustainability of healthcare systems through the introduction of safe, high-quality biosimilars.

Alvotech is committed to contributing positively to society, as a well-governed business, in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Therefore, I am extremely pleased to introduce Alvotech’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Portal.

The portal provides access to non-financial metrics that can help further assess our global impact as a business and as collective citizens of the planet. Here you will find information on how we approach these important issues and how we monitor our performance against a wide variety of standard ESG metrics. Our Board of Directors oversees Alvotech’s sustainability strategy and will work closely with management to align on goals, objectives and targets related to all ESG matters.

The objective of Alvotech’s sustainability reporting is to provide transparency on how Alvotech is performing against a wide variety of well recognized ESG metrics. This enhances transparency on the organization’s impact and increases organizational accountability to its stakeholders. It also allows Alvotech to make informed assessments and decisions about our impact and contribution to sustainable development.  We expect that our reporting will continue to mature over time, and we intend to update and potentially expand data and disclosures on an annual basis.

In closing, we at Alvotech believe that strong and transparent stakeholder engagement and a commitment to sustainable development allow companies to identify, manage, and mitigate risks in the long-term, resulting in a healthier and more durable business over time. I invite all stakeholders to learn more about Alvotech’s ESG performance. We are eager to take this journey together.

Róbert Wessman