Chief Scientific Officer

Joseph E. McClellan

Joe McClellan is Alvotech’s CSO.  In this capacity, he leads the company’s R&D functions, with overall responsibility for bringing products to market through its pipeline and overseeing R&D operations across Alvotech’s sites in Reykjavik, Julich, Hanover and Zurich.

Joe joins Alvotech with an outstanding track record in drug development with broad experience in all areas of biopharmaceutical development, including biosimilars, innovator biologics, pharmaceutical science, clinical development, regulatory strategy and discovery research.

Prior to joining Alvotech, Joe worked with Pfizer for 17 years in various capacities, including Global Head of Biosimilars Development and Medicine/Asset Team Leader of IXIFI (biosimilar infliximab). During Joe’s tenure leading Biosimilars Development at Pfizer, the company secured major market approvals for 6 unique biosimilar molecules.

Joe earned a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry, with a focus in Analytical Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry, from the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL USA). In addition, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Mass Spectrometry and Analytical Biochemistry at the Boston University School of Medicine (Boston, MA USA) and received a Master of Business Administration degree, with a focus on innovation and business growth in high-technology industries, from Northeastern University (Boston, MA USA).