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Convenient Location

Living in Iceland presents a unique geographic advantage, making it an ideal base for those seeking to explore both Europe and North America. Iceland’s strategic location in the middle of the North Atlantic, allows for convenient flights in both directions. For citizens from countries outside of Europe, Iceland also serves as a gateway to Scandinavia, the British Isles and continental Europe. For Europeans, Iceland allows for quick visits to the home country, as well as providing an economic gateway to destinations across North America.

Flight times to destinations in Northern Europe from Reykjavik are typically about 2 – 4 hours, and 5 – 6 hours for destinations in Southern Europe. Flights to and from destinations in North America are typically between 5 – 8 hours in duration.  

Keflavik international airport (KEF), located 50 km (30 mi) outside of Reykjavik (a 45 minute drive by car or bus), has served as an ideal stopover location for Atlantic crossings for over 60 years. In fact, local airline Icelandair and its progenitors pioneered budget flights between Europe and North America. Direct flights, offered at varying times throughout the year, provide access to almost 80 European and North-American cities and the airport is served by 25 international airlines, including the domestic carriers Icelandair and Play, as well as major international carriers such as United, Delta, Air Canada, SAS, British Airways and Lufthansa, to name only a few.

This accessibility not only makes weekend getaways to European landmarks such as Athens,  Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Madrid or Rome possible but also simplifies longer, more immersive journeys across the continent. The availability of multiple airlines, including budget-friendly options, ensures that exploring Europe from Iceland can suit a variety of travel preferences and budgets.

Direct and economical flights, some with seasonal coverage, are offered to a dozen cities in North America. In fact, many much larger Nordic and European cities offer far fewer choices of direct flights to North American destinations. Due to the location, travel time and cost is reduced, compared to flights from mainland Europe. Whether it's a business trip to New York, a cultural excursion to Vancouver, or a leisurely holiday in Florida, the shorter and frequent flights from Iceland make these journeys more accessible and less time-consuming.