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Day care and schooling

In Iceland, families with children can expect a high degree of freedom and a family-friendly environment that emphasizes equal opportunities for all. The education system is similar to that of other Nordic countries, with four levels: kindergarten, compulsory, upper secondary, and higher education. Children between the ages of two and six can attend kindergarten, while education is mandatory for children aged 6–16.         

There are two international schools for children starting at age six (6) within the Reykjavik Area.  The cost per month for the international schools is nominal at approximately 200 Euros per month. The International Department of Landakotsskóli is located in the heart of Reykjavik, while The International School of Iceland is located in the beautiful and sought after suburb of Gardabaer, which is a short 15-minute drive from city center and the Alvotech headquarters.  The school year begins in late August of each year and the schools operate on a “rolling” application basis.

The International Department of Landakotsskóli:

International School of Iceland:

Children between the ages of 3 and 6 can attend Kindergarten programs which are located throughout the Reykjavik area. Costs for these programs range from 250-300 Euros per month. Capacity for these programs can be quite limited, however, children with ages closer to 6 receive priority as a way to prepare for compulsory education.

Moving to a new country with children can be daunting. Rest assured the company and its ambassadors have the connections and inside knowledge that can help make the transition for the little ones as seamless as possible.  Approximately 100 school aged children from Alvotech parents have relocated to Iceland successfully and are currently thriving in their new, multi-cultural environment.