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State-of-the-art facility

Alvotech‘s biosimilar facility was opened in June 2016. The mandate was to create a unique concept for an efficient, flexible, green, biosimilar facility, capable of delivering predefined quantities of biosimilar products, produced by the highest quality standards.


The facility is flexible and allows operation to adapt to market demands with minimal changeover time.

The facility is operating with single use bioreactor technology. We purify, formulate and fill our products in house, for supply of finished and ready to commercialize products to our partners worldwide. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies to allow the testing and release of our products with the best precision available.

Strategic location

  • Alvotech’s fully vertically integrated biologics manufacturing facility is located at the very heart of Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik
  • Iceland offers an ideal environment with strong European regulatory system, low energy costs, great talent pool, high quality standards
  • The patent landscape in Iceland allows us to support early entry market launch while patents are still in effect in the rest of the regulated world
  • Its convenient geographical location between the EU and US is within easy reach of the rest of the world
  • Alvotech’s presence at the core of the science park of the University of Iceland is ideal for the fostering of close links between manufacturing and research
  • Important long-term partnerships have been established with academic institutions, enriching the already strong knowledge base

Clean renewable energy

Alvotech’s focus isn’t solely on the health and wellbeing of patients around the globe, but also on the health of our planet.