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Guidelines for Alvotech applicants

Available positions at Alvotech are posted on our Career page and applications must be made via our online recruitment system.

Applications should be submitted in English. Alvotech is an international company where English is the spoken corporate language.

Alvotech receives many applications for each position advertised. The best way to progress in the recruitment process is to carefully fill out each section of the application form and attach a clear and concise CV, combined with a letter of motivation to the application. The submission of your online application will be acknowledged by an automated email.

Documentary evidence should not be attached to the initial application, but will be requested at the interview and/or onboarding stage. Original copies of qualifications, references or testimonials should not be submitted unless they have been requested specifically by Alvotech.

Every application is given the fullest consideration. An acknowledgement of receipt is sent to each applicant by email. Only those applicants who succeed at the shortlisting stage of the recruitment process will be called in for an interview.

Monitor our Career page. Even if an applicant is unsuccessful for one position, we urge our applicants to monitor our career page and apply for other openings. Remember that not being successful for a certain opening does not mean that the applicant was not deemed qualified, it can simply mean that another applicant fit the role in question better.

Talent pool. Alvotech reserves the right to keep applications for 6 months, unless otherwise requested by the applicant. The HR team may decide to keep interesting applications in a talent pool for 6 months. Often these are from applicants that have been through the interview process, but not selected. Alvotech may contact the applicant in this 6-month period if a relevant position opens.