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Alvotech and Alvogen launch new B2B business brand

05 May 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of our new brand identity for our B2B business, Adalvo.

Why ‘Adalvo’?

Our B2B business has seen tremendous growth in recent years and in 2019 alone we signed over 100 licensing contracts with our global partners. The introduction of our new identity is designed to support our dynamic growth.

The name Adalvo reflects our deep-rooted commitment to the supreme quality of our products and services.

Always on Target

Adalvo’s brand values are Smart Networking, Relentlessness, and always being on Target in all of our services. Adalvo is driven by our passion for relentless commitment to the customer network it serves.

With a declared purpose is to make a difference for patients around the world, driven by a smart collaboration network and commitment to deliver the highest quality products and services to our partners, Adalvo is looking forward to continuing the B2B success of the group moving forward.

Adalvo Bee to Bee…

They say bees are the most industrious insects on the planet, so when it came to our new B2B business they are the ideal metaphor. Adalvo and bees actually have an awful lot in common. For a start, they believe in tireless teamwork and devote their lives to the benefit of the greater good.

Not only do they produce honey, they play an essential role in our ecosystem since 84 per cent of all crops grown for human consumption are fertilized by bees. That’s all thanks to pollination, of course, Adalvo plan to thrive in the exact same way.