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Employment Process in Iceland

Iceland is renowned for being an open place for all.  Specific immigration regulations for individuals with “specialized skills” make it a prime destination for global talent. As part of our commitment to nurturing such talent, our company streamlines the process of securing work visas for our employees, ensuring a hassle-free transition into the Icelandic workforce. Even more compelling, a recently passed law allows spouses of these specialized workers to automatically obtain residency and work permits, further simplifying the relocation process. The employment landscape in Iceland is robust, with an unemployment rate below 3%, indicating a healthy job market with ample opportunities. This low unemployment rate significantly increases the prospects for spouses to find gainful employment, further enhancing the attractiveness of Iceland as a destination for professional growth for the entire family.

As part of the European Economic Area, residents of EU countries can immigrate to Iceland, provided they have proper work visas, without the hassle of a protracted approval process.