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Healthcare in Iceland

In Iceland, we are fortunate to benefit from one of the world's most effective healthcare systems. Our healthcare system plays a direct role in the remarkable health outcomes we observe in the country. For instance, Iceland proudly holds the number one position globally in terms of lowest infant mortality rate (1), a testament to our world-class prenatal and postnatal care. This exceptional healthcare provision is also reflected in Iceland’s impressive life expectancy, which is nearly 83 years. The Universal Icelandic healthcare system stands as a beacon of high-quality, comprehensive, and affordable care, supporting longer, healthier, and happier lives for its recipients.  Overall, Iceland ranks among the top in healthcare spending per Capita, demonstrating the high-level investment the country makes in its healthcare system; see graph below.

Although it takes six months for ex-patriots to fully join the system, Alvotech ensures that this transition period is seamless by providing comprehensive insurance for employees and their families during the waiting period.

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