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We are committed to being a sustainable business. To us, this means that we add value to society and to our future business. To achieve this ambition, we strive to do business in a financially, environmentally, and socially responsible way, as reflected in our Articles of Association and the Novo Nordisk Way. The ESG Portal provides information about our approach and performance.

Energy consumption

Every year we use large amounts of energy to manufacture medicines, and the expectation is that production will continue to increase, hence so will our energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption and ensuring that we transition to renewable energy are top priorities. 

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Water consumption

Every year we use billions of litres of water. All our production sites are certified according to ISO14001. his means we are committed to continuous improvements, which also includes optimising water use.

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Environmental management

We aim to have zero environmental impact across our value chain. This work is organised across the company and in our environmental management system.

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CO2 emissions

As a global company, we must think beyond our own operations when considering our environmental impact. Today, our supply chain accounts for the vast majority of our total CO2 emissions

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We distribute hundreds of millions of vials and injection pens to people who need them – and the need for our life-saving treatments is growing. Our products are made of high-quality materials, but after use, most of them end up in landfill.

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ESG Portal

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