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At Alvotech, we have a talented team of people with a clear vision and comprehensive biopharmaceutical intelligence. Our common goal: to be a global leader in the biosimilar space and to deliver high quality cost competitive products to patients worldwide.

Join Alvotech and find yourself among our global team of employees from all around the world, bringing literally thousands of years of combined knowledge and expertise to our mission.

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Life at Alvotech

Alvotech will connect with patients all around the world with new biopharmaceuticals. We nurture our values and a positive working environment by hiring a talented team of innovative people. By joining the Alvotech team, you will be joining a team with a clear vision and comprehensive biopharmaceutical intelligence.

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Alvotech is a privately owned, fully integrated specialty biopharmaceutical company focused exclusively on the development and manufacturing of high-quality biosimilar products, all along the value chain from cell line development to commercial manufacturing. 


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Alvotech prides itself on attracting highly experienced industry talent, drawn by its purpose-driven culture. With its strong emphasis on excellence and commitment to improving the lives of patients by making biologics more accessible around the globe, Alvotech strives to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. Are you interested in joining the team?

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